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I have been sexstoriespost married for 34 years and was faithful to my husband for 32 of these. We had a happy life and three children, all grown, gone through school and are now living away sexstoriespost from home. A grandchild on the way, makes me feel even older than my 55 years. I say we start young. Our sex life was always good, though rather monotonous, and until two years ago, Don was the only man who had ever slept with. Then we installed a new kitchen. Steve, the kitchen was a happy chapter in the form of thirty -odd years. He worked alone and told us that the work would take about a week. I was working when my oldest daughter was born, so I'm home and I thought that most of the week, so it would be nice. I hate to be left alone in the house of the artisans. On Monday I gave a few cups of tea and lunch, even he, though he had his own bread. We sat together at the table and had a chat. He was a funny person, sexstoriespost thoughhad felt a little bad quality of humor, I was a little unsure. On Tuesday, did not bring snacks, so I made lunch. This was a bit difficult without cooking, but I improvised. on Wednesday, the basic units were and had to sink a working group. I was washing dishes in the sink after dinner, and he was a little too close behind me. I swear I could feel through my jeans. I winced, but made no effort to advance, rather sexstoriespost than some comments about me with the butt of a small and cute. I know I would have said something, but I felt sexstoriespost quite flattered and blushed the color of beets. I laughed at him and left. at night, when I was ready fro bed I looked in the mirror in the room and thought, for sexstoriespost my age, I know no evil. I know many women who were born after the children can become, but I always care my figure. A The next morning, when I wear a skirt. I had no particular plan, just wanted to be pretty to beCause of his praise made ​​me feel good about myself. When he arrived, looked approvingly at me and whistled softly. I was also red, but again it feels too good to be noticed. An hour later I sexstoriespost had a cup of tea. I took him to where he was sitting on the floor put doors on the lower level cabinets. I went to tea with him, but instead of the cup from me, just my hand to my lap and began to caress my legs. With a smile she said, be careful not to spill the tea. I probably should have tipped the tea over it. No doubt you could put on the desk. But I did not. I stopped and said, rubbing his hands on my thighs and my ass and then around the front. He has not tried to get in my underwear, I just stroked through the material. Then, after a few minutes he stopped and took tea and said, 'beautiful, just what the doctor ordered. ' Neither said anything. I went with a different room and had to work. I was very confused. I did not understand what I do and I do not understand why they had stopped, as he had done. I could not say anything about him now - I would have done at that time. I was very confused. I sat on the couch trying to make sense of everything. Come eat, he put his head in the door, you may have even beaten and asked me if there is a pause for lunch. I did not realize it then, and I had not done anything about it. He told me I was a naughty girl, and said with a laugh that he would beat me up. I was starting to eat, but he entered the room, took my arm and walked to a chair. He sat down carefully and threw me face down across your lap. I made no attempt at resistance. He lifted my skirt and said, 'very well'. Then he put his hand hard on my butt. It hurt and I tried to pull away, but he stopped me and repeated sexstoriespost the stroke. After sexstoriespost three or four strokes, began massaging my ass. Then he hit me again. This, however, put the difference between taste and is more powerful massage. Then he told me to stand. I got up feeling very embarrassed and pulled my skirt. He told me to sexstoriespost get something to eat and he would do some more work. When I started at noon, said he needed a towel and knelt behind me, pulled my pants. I was surprised, but I can not help elevate the feet to remove it. I saw is used to clean in your work area. lunch almost normal to talk about a program he had seen on television, and never spoke about what happened between us, but the atmosphere was a bit of electricity. For me, anyway. After lunch I went to the sink to wash dishes. He came behind me and to be honest, after a bit of fondling and finger took me from behind. It was the most incredible sex I ever had. When finished, have ejaculated inside me, wiped on my lap and returnedto work. was in the bathroom, he stopped and asked me what to do next. After a few minutes I went to wash. For the rest of the days wore on his work at the usual time and not just to take its normal position. After 32 years of faithful marriage, had let me without a murmur. I sexstoriespost could not believe it. While the rest of the week and the first two days of next week (work performance ), which had me in every position you can imagine in every room of the house. He taught sexstoriespost me more about love in the days when I've learned in life. It was the first man to walk me an orgasm during sex, the first man on me and the first man to have had oral sex. But after these days I have not heard of it, although there are a number of other men sexstoriespost have been there. And my husband has no idea what it really is married!
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